Jam sessions with Plums!

What do you do on a typical summer sunday morning while all your family is still asleep? You dive into your backyard to pick the dozens of fruits that are pilling up in the trees. This weekend the chosen ones were plums!


On average, a fresh plum contains 113 mg of potassium, a mineral that prevent strokes by managing high-blood pressure. Is it all? Not even close. Besides potassium, plums are rich in vitamin A, C and K containing, also, considerable amounts of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and E. As it has low calories is perfect for diets used on obesity treatments. Actually, plums prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes or cholesterol disorders due to the presence of anthocyanins (mops up harmful free radicals and give the color to the plum’s peel), chlorogenic acids, quercetin and catechins. They are anti-inflammatory and control your blood sugar! Surprising, right?

So, I choose plums. After the picking, what do you do with the plums? Eat them, yes, but they are so many, and they don’t last that much… I thought: I am going to do jam! Obviously.

Jam is a practical preservation method and a good way to fill up your kitchen cabinet. First and foremost, how do you do it?Plums with sugar

Easy-peasy: You take the stones out of the plums, place the fruits (with peel) in a large diameter pot and powder them with sugar — 2 cups of brown sugar for each 1 kg of fruit. I used 2 kg of fruit and, therefore, 4 cups of brown sugar. For this quantity, I squeezed one big lemon, stirred the mixture and let it be for about half an hour. This, allowed a syrup to be made.

Once, you have some syrup, you light the stove on a low temperature. Then, put a lid on the pot and let the mixture cook. The jam gets the reddish-blue plum’s peel color — well, more red than blue. Pay attention  — never forget to check it out and stir it up once in a while. When you see that the mixture is dripping off really slowly from the spoon, your jam is ready to go. Try neither to overcook or undercook it(there is nothing better that practice, here). Plum Jam Sessions.jpg

Some people, me included, put a bit of cinnamon — love the contrast of flavors.

A tip for the ones that will save this sweet on jars. As soon as you fill them with jam, cover and turn them upside down. Let the jam cool down. By doing this, you’re creating vacuum and allowing your jam to last longer (things I learned from my grandmother).

Is always good to remember that, although being an excellent energy and fiber source, jams do not increase your cholesterol and fat content (eat it wisely, though). In a daily basis, jams helps us avoiding cravings and, therefore, eating less.

So, go on. Make a toast, and enjoy your homemade plum jam with no regrets!

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